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Whither the weather at the farmette

It's a blustery day at the farmette. I was awake at 4 a.m. listening to the maples and pines and spruces sing their eerie songs. But our wee brick house was snug and steadfast through the gale.

Since it's a moody, 'weathery' kind of vibe around here, I thought I'd do a little write-up about it.

The sudden rise in temperatures and snow melt has wreaked havoc with flooding from the rivers around southern Ontario. Brantford declared a state of emergency a week ago, and now Chatham is under water too.

It's been pretty mild and rainy here as well. Nearly three inches of the wet stuff came down over Tuesday and Wednesday. While the Saugeen is rushing along at a breakneck pace, it hasn't overflowed its banks - yet.

There's more grass showing than snow cover and while some pollyannas are hoping that winter's on its way out, I'm a bit more realistic. It is Grey County. It's February. It'll snow again.

The down side to this mercurial weather is that the flora gets confused. And I get susceptible to bugs - like the one I've had for a few days that has rendered me basically voiceless. Arghhh.

I heard on CBC radio the other day (on my way to Woodstock for work) an older gentleman say he knows for sure spring is here, because he spied a robin. Even got a buddy to confirm. So there.

Yesterday, Rob actually saw that our snowdrops are blooming already, and I noticed the lilacs are getting their fat little buds, preparing to leaf out.

Even the indoor hibiscus is perking up and sending out new shoots.

Contrast that with what our friends on Vancouver Island have been experiencing recently. Below zero temperatures and snow!

Rob and I have booked a flight out to visit them in mid-March. The idea was to get a early shot of spring, given that they ALWAYS have the most luscious gardens in bloom around that time of year.

Maybe not this year. Oh, well. Can't wait to see them anyway. It doesn't matter what it's doing outside if you're able to be warm and with good company inside.

Which, with the current way of the world, is something for which we should be truly thankful.

Until next week.

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