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Fond memories from the farmette

Well the weather just keeps getting worse. Freezing rain and ice pellets (!) from early yesterday to this morning, and it's still coming down. The farmette grounds would make a good, large skating rink. Luckily, we had lots of forewarning, laid in supplies and hunkered down for the weekend. Yesterday, since we were house-bound, I decided to go exploring through the back room on the second floor. It's an ersatz attic, containing all the stuff we can't find places for elsewhere, including Rob's 500+ vinyl record collection and our old photo albums. You know how once every four or six (or ten) years, you dust off pictures you took in decades past and re-live those moments? Scary thing is that, the older you get the further back they go! So, in the spirit of reminiscing, here's my photographic walk through memory lane: This one is from 36 (?!) years ago. Hard to believe, I was in my first year at university in 1982-83.

I lived in residence at the University of Waterloo, and these were some of the girls on North C. The accommodations were nothing fancy...rooms made of cement blocks, a desk, a bed and a closet. That's all we really needed though. We went to soooo many themed parties. This one, obviously, was toga. I'm on the left (quell vamp, eh?), Maxine's next to me, then Mona and Stephanie. We're in Maxine's part of the room - she was the artist and became an architect. It was a truly wonderful part of our lives, I think.

The one on the right was taken in the highlands of Scotland. Rob absconded with me early in our relationship (1991-ish) to show me his home land. Beauty, eh?

I think that's when we started our ta-da pictures.

We travelled quite a bit back in the day - to the east coast and the west coast (above) and we have these photos from pretty much every where we went.

We've even roped friends into doing it. Here's Jane, showing off a beautiful coat made by one of the local artisans just a month ago on Vancouver Island. We had stopped by the Parksville farmers market to check out the local arts, crafts and food scene.

We also like to have some fun with our adventure photos. Here, we were aboard a decommissioned war ship in Lunenburg on one of our several jaunts down to the east coast (around the late nineties, I think - forgot to date this one). I just love being near the ocean. There's nothing like smelling the salty air and soaking in all that gorgeous scenery. Not to mention chowing down on all those delectable bits of fresh crab, scallops and mussels.

Finally, we have albums and albums full of friend and family gatherings. Here, sister Sandy and I had taken her girls over to Sunny Acres Park, just half a block from where we used to live in Guelph. Can't believe this was about 18 years ago. Cripes, it feels like yesterday when Rachel (the thoughtful one in white) and Erin (the flailing one in pink) were wee ones. Now, they're grown up women, starting out on their own - kinda like the girl in the toga at the top.

I hope and trust that one day, when they're in their fifties, they'll be as happy, satisfied and have as many rich memories as their aunt has right now.

Until next time.

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