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Spring has sprung at the farmette

It's a gorgeous day, already into the double digits and sunny. I need to be out in it, so I decided I'd just give everyone a montage of photos from around the property in the past couple weeks. As you will see, Mother Nature is putting on quite the display. Some of it with a bit of my assistance (she says modestly).


Here's a shot from just down Douglas Street from us. I think the goose in the middle is sitting on eggs while her gander mate floats 'on guard' close by. Amazing, huh?

I planted hyacinths right next to the back stairs leading up to the sunroom on purpose so that, when they're blooming as they are now, we get a big waft of that lovely scent every time we enter and exit the farmette house.

The fiery red tulips were a big surprise. One day, there was absolutely nothing going on in the back bed, then POOF, they came up and bloomed seemingly over night. I do remember planting them now, but what a great little gift right after that horrible ice storm.

The crocuses came out in their full

glory, looking like little tiny eggs that have hatched their gorgeous yellow, mauve, purple and white colours.

Finally, we got an early show of daffodils. This clump isn't actually in a bed...some helpful animal must have re-directed them, or the previous owners put them in the middle of the raspberry patch. Either way, they are a sight to behold, especially when they're double blooms, right?

Yesterday, we went to the annual sale at the local conservation area and scooped a bunch more trees for the farmette. So I have to get some breakfast and get out in the sunshine to plant them today. Happy Spring everyone! Until next week.

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