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Florally yours from the farmette

It was a gorgeous Saturday at the farmette. We were supposed to get a thunderstorm but I think we only got about four drops and it went north of us. Now, it's Sunday morning, and while we have lots of dew, no rain. I'm going off with my sister to see my nieces in a horse show today, so did my post yesterday. The beds are bursting, so I thought I'd do a photo montage of the many flowers that are just revelling in all this hot weather.

The holly is blooming...something I've never seen in the six years we've been here. This patch was actually buried under a yew. I chopped the bottom out of it to let the poor thing breathe and get some light and voila! Five years later, it's decided to thrive.

I put these tulips in at the very end of the season last year because I was bored and wanted a last kick at the gardening cat, as it were (no offence to farmette felines - they just get cuddled). They're this gorgeous salmon on the outside and yellow inside. Cool, eh?

The dwarf irises came back like the troopers they truly are. Amazing little delicate folds and colouring with the yellow, purple and white all perfectly arranged.

I put in moss roses beside the sidewalk leading up to the side of the house because it gets as hot as the Sahara desert and these portulaca are indestructible. Their fuschia colouring will continue perking up the trail as we go back and forth on our trips to and from our little town of Durham or the big town of Hanover.

I went black and pink for the hanging basket - wave petunias. I never did like the regular kind, but the little waves will bloom for months, as long as I remember to pinch off the dead ones.

My bleeding hearts are nearly done and the allium are in their full fireworks glory. This bed is right beside the back door.

Finally, as I was taking a shot of the lamium, a huge bee came along and started doing his thing. Absolutely no regard for the big lumbering human who was crashing through the bed, iPhone in hand.

He was totally focused on getting that nectar to take back to the hive. And now, I need to re-focus on getting some housework done before taking off. Until next week.

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