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Blinded against the heat at the farmette

It's a stinking hot Canada Day at the farmette already, and it's just past 8 a.m. Last year at this time, my poor nephews were trying build out the new deck in the rain. This year, I was already sweating and swatting mosquitos while trying to give my flower beds some much-needed H2O at 7 o'clock. The old house renewal continued apace in the past week, with Rob and I wrestling with seven new blinds in the new windows we had put in a couple of weeks ago.

Wrestling may be overstating...let's just say we're a bit older, tubbier and less muscular than in years passim so working over head to install recalcitrant screws in 150-year-old resistant frames was, ahem, a chore.

But the job was done! Look at the glam of these modern Hunter-Douglas blinds. It's a system I'd never seen before, with two layers of stripes that overlap one another. Pulling on the side cord makes the darker stripes line up and darken the room. A bit more of a pull and it looks like those California shutters - like the one on the right. Pulling even more raises the whole blind up the window. Cool, or what?

They weren't cheap, but as I said to Rob, we are NEVER going to replace them in our life time, so we needed to get something we really liked. The colour is a sort of sandy brown, which goes nicely with the new soft green-grey of the room. So, luckily, we like it. Yay.

So happy we got them in before this weekend and the blistering heat. Yesterday, the most I did was put the laundry on the line and gather it back in. Today is a laying low kind of day as well, with lots of cold soda water and taking in the Canada Day celebrations on the CBC. Later, we may check out the fireworks at the community centre - which, because of our location, we can enjoy by sitting on our front porch. Bonus.

Until next week. Happy Canada Day!

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