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Droughty weather at the farmette

Dry, dry, dry. Once again we were mostly pooched yesterday by a forecast of rain. The farmette got a measly .03 inches and almost everything is shrivelling up. I checked, and we've only managed to get just over an inch since June 6th!

This morning, as I went out to check the rain gauge and put the sprinkler on the veg. garden yet again, I remarked on how at least the air was misty moisty. The Group of Seven tree looks particularly fetching don't you think?

I also noted that some of my plants are doing way better than others with this dearth of moisture.

Some of my day lilies are none the worse for wear. I especially like this one which I plunked into the west side bed about three years ago.

But my 2-year-old poplars' leaves are yellowing and dropping, which is why Rob is currently out there with the tank giving them some emergency H2O.

While I was out checking the state of the vegetables, I encountered a wee tenant whose fur is black and white. I decided that extreme caution was the way to go. Hence the rather grainy shot I took with the iPhone.

We did get our first feed of peas last week, despite the drought. They were a bit on the small side, but still extremely sweet. A bonus is that my experiment with the climbing fence seems to be working, and harvesting them was much easier on my creaky back.

It's so dry, the gigantic black walnut trees are even throwing off extra bits of limbs to try and save the main trunk. Which has meant a heck of a mess on the ground.

They are quite majestic with the sun peeping through in the early morning, though, don't you think?

Looks like we're in for another day of extreme heat. There are warnings for all the cities in southern Ontario with predictions going more than 40C with the humidity. Up here in Grey, we won't dodge the bullet, either. Which means it's time for me to hunker down, pull the new blinds down tight and crank up the A/C. Until next week.

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