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The joys and pains of winter

It's a coldish day at the farmette. A few flakes are coming down and the whole landscape is coated in white.

We've had quite a bit of snowfall in the past week. At one point, there was about seven inches on the ground.

Lots of people are complaining that it's come way too early - especially the poor farmers who are trying to get the last of the corn crop off.

But I actually don't mind it, especially since we managed to get the blower on the John Deere and the winter tires on the Honda.

I was able to get quite a few walks in last week. Really needed it, since I was hunched over a hot computer writing stories pretty much non-stop. Here's the path that I take that leads down to the shore of the Saugeen. Obviously, it's a well-travelled route, and I like the fact that it takes me right down 'town'.

There's something really energizing in the sharp crispness of the air and the beauty of snow pile up on the branches and limbs of the trees.

Huge gaggles of geese took off over the past few days, too. In vee formations of 70 or 80 birds, they set up an enormous racket as they make their way to warmer and more southern destinations.

We've started our winter habits around the farmette, too, by putting out birdseed and setting up the shovels for sidewalk duty.

My knitting needles have also been on high speed, as well, making wooly presents for under the Christmas tree. Kind of overdid it, though. While hefting free weights at the local exercise club, my right forearm bunched up in a charley horse that made my eyes water.

Ahhh, the joys of getting older. Anyway. A little A535 and I was good to go again. At times, I kind of feel like the Tin Man, needing an oiling every once in a while to keep moving.

One of my favourite new pastimes is actually an indoor activity. Relaxing in the warmth on my comfy sunroom chair-and-a-half with a wee lap cat and a strong cup of coffee is about as good as it gets. Until next week.

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