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A Feversham Christmas

Today's a cold crisp one on the farmette. No snow overnight, and it's supposed to get up over zero again today.

Last night we had our family Christmas. Dinner - to which everyone contributed - included a big crown pork roast from the local butcher West Grey Premium Beef with a yummy stuffi​​ng and all the trimmings. We were 14 in all - gathered together at my sister's place in Feversham. I'm feeling a bit partied out, so will just go with the montage of pictures today:

Warming up for a fun night, here are Mike, Rachel and Rob having a chat at the kitchen counter. Note Rob's attire - last year's Christmas sweater from yours truly.

My knitting project this year was warm toques for the two young nieces - Erin and Rachel - who seem to have grown into cool women overnight. Gotta like the pompoms courtesy of our local knitting store Llama Laine in Hanover.

Christmas is for cuddling, and the Thornton ladies know how to do that in spades. Note Brian the dad behind them checking out the millinery. Erin (centre) is wearing the matching mitts that I made for the girls.

Even the dogs Maya and Marlie had a good time, although they were pretty pooped pooches by the end of the evening.

All in all, a good time was had by all, with much mirth, merrymaking and munching. Until next week.

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