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Reflections on 2018

It's a mild winter's day at the farmette. A skiff of snow on the ground and not a hint of sun in the sky.

As 2018 comes to a close, I'm in a bit of a reflective mood...I just tweeted the other day that I have five years under my belt of being in my own business. It's been a great ride so far.

My clients are fantastic, and my work is rewarding. I keep meeting new people and learning new things. And I get to work from my own little farmette. Can't get better than that.

My crazy little cat family is doing well. Kind of. Hobbes has acne (yes, felines can get it). Lily had the last of her teeth extracted a couple of weeks ago but is recovering (she's 15).

Calvin (the wee one) has some kind of amoeba lurking in his system (which isn't slowing him down one iota).

We're monitoring him and feeding him incredibly expensive gastrointestinal food. We will take a poop sample back to Dr. Melanie after the holidays as sort a welcome home present on her return from a well-deserved vacation to the Turks and Caicos.

The only truly healthy one is Bea and she spends most of her time lumped up under our bedspread. That's okay. She still likes to cuddle up - I think we'll keep her.

Rob is doing fine in his retirement. He's been my steady hand, an excellent editor (it's great to have an in-house professional check out my copy before sending it off) and a particularly good chef - which is handy for a hungry writer, I gotta tell you.

We're thinking about consolidating the car situation (getting a CRV to replace the Fit and the Jeep), planning the next improvements to the farmette (my office needs doing) and updating our wills (yikes). Basically, we're chugging along at a good clip.

I'm healthier than I was in 2017. I've managed to take off about 22 pounds in the last year or so by eating better - mostly less sugar and salty treats and more fruit and veggies. My daily yoga and almost-daily hikes are helping with both the physical and mental attitude. Rob got me wireless headphones so I can rock it out to the oldies and dance along Douglas Street like no one's watching. Which I do. Regularly.

All in all, getting to 55 has been great. I started getting my pension, and the lady at the pharmacy reminded me that I now get the Tuesday discount. Yay for getting older.

Some people are afraid of aging. Not me. While I creak and groan a bit more than I did in my youth, I wouldn't trade my current life for any other. I'm soooo grateful. Until next week.

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