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Out with the old, in with the new

It's a snowy day again at the farmette. We had a clear, crisp (-15C) sunny one yesterday for our trip to a family birthday dinner in Feversham. Friday was a bit of a shit show snow-wise (15 centimetres!), and kept me from meeting up with folks in Guelph.

Winter up here means you need a hefty vehicle to get anywhere. Which is why, when we moved to the great rural north in 2012, we bought a used (2006) Jeep.

It was quite a high-end wagon in its day. Fully loaded with all the mod cons, including individual seat and mirror settings for each of Rob and I. Fancy.

This past year, however, it started to really show its age, and we wound up spending a LOT of money to keep it functioning. Sooo, towards the end of 2018, we started thinking about getting rid of it.

When my sister suggested we really didn't need three vehicles (?!) we made the choice to trade in both the little Honda Fit and the Jeep for something new, spanky and Grey County winter-worthy.

Hence the 2019 Honda CRV. It's nice and roomy inside and will do very well in the spring when I'm loading it up with plants and other goodies at the nursery (gotta tell you I can't wait to do that!)

We've chosen to lease it for three years and perhaps trade up.

While we started on pretty rough note (it died five days into our ownership on a back road near Clifford - long story), it's running along just fine now. Getting us to and from our event yesterday was - thankfully - fairly uneventful.

I wanted red, but they don't make it in red - the sales guy said this is molten lava or some such. Closest we could get. That's okay. As long as it gets me to and from my business meetings and makes it to friends' and family's homes when we need it to, it'll do.

The Jeep was a really great vehicle for us starting on our rural road, and I will miss the Hemi engine that was quite peppy for passing slowpokes on Highway 6. The Fit was a reliable little car that I loved because it had a manual transmission - control freak that I am.

But it was definitely time to move on and hopefully the new wheels will keep us chugging along.

Happy trails everyone. Until next week.

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