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Sticking it out in winter

It's another cold day at the farmette -8C. Bright and sunny, though.

We've kind of been socked in with bad weather and I've cancelled many meetings and get-togethers in the past couple of weeks. Was supposed to gather with my sisters in London on Wednesday, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

When I saw the snow coming in sideways and the view from the front window looked like the inside of a Dyson vacuum cleaner (not that I can afford one), I chickened out of the drive.

So, for today, I thought I'd make my own entertainment and took a little hike around the property. The first pic is what the farmette house looks like from the back. Note the distinct lack of clothes on the line.

If it was Monday, my ma would have had our skivvies out there. I remember bringing in Dad's long johns - so stiff we could stand them up in the basement until they melted. I, needless to say, do not have that kind of fortitude and am grateful for my wee dryer, thanks.

Our back yard - inside the fence - has a veritable highway of critter tracks that runs diagonally from the corner of the garage to the corner of the toolshed. Must be the most direct route for all manner of furry beings, including bunnies, the neighbour's cats and squirrels.

Speaking of squirrels, we have a particularly annoying grey that is about the size of a Buick who likes to climb into the bird feeder and gorge himself on seeds meant for the many juncos, mourning doves, nuthatches, blue jays and even cardinals that frequent the farmette.

No way will I let the little bugger get away with that kind of theft.

So, I get mad. I bang on the window and yell epithets at him from inside the house.

The cats scatter. Rob laughs. And I prove that I am falling once again into the crazy cabin-fever lady syndrome that seizes me every winter.

My poplar 'arbor' is coming along nicely, and looks pretty good, even in the 10-inch thick coating that currently covers the west side of property, and the sunflowers I left standing to feed the jays are still hanging in there.

It's what I call 'winter interest'. Yes. Not I-didn't-get-around-to-chopping-them-down before-the-snow-fell. No.

Anyhow. According to the rodent up the road in Wiarton, we're in for an early spring. Here's hoping. Until next week.

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