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Spring cleaning at the farmette

So it's a mild day at the farmette. Warm enough (supposed to go to 18C!) to maybe get rid of the last of the snowbanks. I can't believe it's April already. 2019 is whooshing past like a Douglas Adams deadline. It was a busy week, work wise. After an extremely slow March (in which I drove Rob bonkers), I suddenly have lots of freelance gigs. Yay. It's a sure sign of spring when I feel like I can put the clothes on the line without freezing my digits (and other bits) off.

While there was still a bite in the air and the laundry had to have a late-day tumble in the dryer to finish off, the chilly breeze did manage to get that lovely smell in our shirts, socks, leggings and unmentionables.

Last fall, we were getting ready for and swanning about in Italy for our bucket trip, so I neglected the usual full-on clean up of the beds. Which means that I now have a helluva mess to sort out. That's okay. I'm good for it, after signing up for the ABC (all-over body conditioning) class at a

fitness studio in town called, funnily enough, The Studio) and walking about 150 kilometres over the winter.

It's satisfying to go hammer-and-tongs after all the dead stuff, clipping and raking and trying not to pull out the delicate shoots that are just now peeking above the soil surface. The secaturs were swift - slicing through all the old, dried up grasses and left-over peony bushes (really slimy and yucky). Because I'm a delicate flower (ahem), I have to wear gloves. They truly got a workout yesterday, and I believe, after this season, I'll need to retire them and look into finding some new ones. Ya think?

It's a good idea to do spring cleaning. In the yard. In the house. In myself, by clearing out the cobwebs of bad habits (begone you tempting cookies and cakes!) and getting back on track.

After a cold, snowy and seemingly never-ending winter, it feels good to freshen up, push the restart button and get energized for another season. Until next week.

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