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Easter frolics at the farmette

It's a cold (0C) but sunny day at the farmette. At least the snow - yes snow - is gone. We got about two inches through the night on Friday.

The Easter family gathering went off relatively hitchless. The weather co-operated - it was so warm we could walk around without a sweatshirt or jacket.

We had the traditional ham dinner, with a not-so-traditional potato casserole that was basically a heart attack in a pan with lots of cream cheese, regular cheese and cheesy cheese - oh, and bits of spuds and milk. And some garlic and chives for taste. Yummy. The rest of the fam pitched in with their dishes - lovely salads and fresh asparagus and chocolatey desserts.

It was also time for the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Leafs were actually still in the hunt against Boston. Which meant my enterprising nephews (who built the deck we gathered on) brought a flat screen that they set up against the house, and everyone sat theatre-style to watch the game. Yes. Television. Outdoors. A first for the farmette, I'm thinking.

Anyhow, the sun was so bright, I had to bring out ALL of our peaked caps so people could actually see the carnage that ensued as Boston beat the crap out of our boys.

There was the requisite amount of farting around, teasing and joking. Here's my beautiful niece Melissa with her handsome husband Mike. She's mugging because she said she ALWAYS closes her eyes in photographs, so she opened them extra wide for this one.

We had an egg hunt in the back forty for the kids that almost didn't happen because they arrived just as the Easter Bunny's helpers were hiding the little treasures in and around the trees. I was running around so much that I forgot to take pictures of that!

I did, however catch a few people with - ahem - interesting facial expressions, and tried, yet again, to get a decent selfie.

Not sure why I always have a pained look on my face while I'm trying to take a bloody picture of myself. I'm pretty sure Sandy was pinching me in this one though. (NOT).

In the end, they all went away stuffed and happy. Which is the point, I think. I even got a nice little present from Mike that we found on the blackboard in the kitchen.

Until next week.

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