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Day tripping to Thornbury

It's a grey, dull day at the farmette. Mild though - for winter at 0C.

The ramp up to Christmas has officially begun, and yesterday, sister Sandy and I did up the town of Thornbury.

First stop was the Sugar Plum Fair at the Beaver Valley Community School. It was a fundraiser and it was busy! Tonnes of kids and parents running around all over the place. The gym was transformed into a trade show with lots of local businesses showing off their best.

Sandy and I decided to gamble on one of the draws in which these enormous baskets filled with differently-themed goodies were on offer. I especially liked the the clever hashtags affixed to each of them, and the price was right - three tickets for $5. I was hoping to win this one, with all the Canadiana - mitts, hats, mugs, maple syrup and more. But fate had other ideas...

After a little refreshing snack and a cuppa tea at the Thornbury Bakery Cafe, we took on the main drag. There's an especially interesting little lingerie shop called Cherchez La Femme, which has all the usual frilly bras, undies, and swimsuits, but also an eclectic mix of sleepwear, including these flannel jammies with the olde fashioned Mickey Mouse motif. Cool eh?

Sandy managed to scoop a few goodies for the family here. (NOT the mousy flannels).

Next up was the Thornbury Cheese Gallery, where I blew my wad on food - naturally. Lemon curd, red pepper jelly, and, of course, fancy cheese - a chunk of brie and a slab of balsamic infused cheese. Yum.

On the drive home, Sandy was nice enough to pull over her Pathfinder so I could get a good shot of the stunning sunset just outside Ravenna. It was spectacular - just wish it wasn't 4:30 in the afternoon!

Back in Feversham, we took Marley for a much-needed jaunt in the back 50 maple bush. She's such a good girl. Did her business quickly, then proceeded to romp at top speed in circles around and through the trees.

She does, however, have a fairly low threshold when it comes to being distracted by, say, pheasants or squirrels or other rodents and winds up way out of sight.

That's when Sandy cranks up the 'forest voice' and booms out MAAAARRRRLEEEEYYY. Eventually, the red jacketed, yellow-furred torpedo zips past us as if to say, I'm here. It's okay.

Marley got an extra special treat when we brought out Sandy's haul from the fair. Yes, she won one of the baskets - and it was filled to overflowing with all things pet-oriented.

Stuffed squeaky toys, a gloved groomer, nail clippers and tonnes of treats. It even had bags of cat treats, so the farmette furry crew benefited from the bounty as well. Bonus.

It was a fine day topped off with a delicious trout dinner with a mashed potato and squash combo and a kale salad. Everyone was sated, sleepy and satisfied by the end of the day. Until next week.

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