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Flinging in Flesherton

It's a grey day in Grey County. We're supposed to get rain, but not until later. That'll give me time to pull the beets and get started on pickling.

Yesterday afternoon, I went over to Flesherton to join sister Sandy in celebrating the annual Fling festival.

Most of the activity was centred on the memorial park in the middle of town. Old, young and middle-aged people with families were gathered to listen to live music, eat tacos, try some crafts, visit with neighbours and maybe play some pickle ball.

When we got there, the Ferals were on 'stage' playing some rousing country and western, a bit of bluegrass and other folk music.

They are extremely talented folks, who play guitar, mandolin, ukulele, squeezebox, fiddle, drums and even a saw. Yep. And she was good at it!

Sandy and I tried our hand at making greeting cards out of live leaves and paint.

Forgot to take pictures of the process, which was really quite simple and only took a few minutes, but here's the outcome of my efforts. I used a sprig of Japanese dappled willow - which we just put in at the farmette. Pretty good, eh?

We then moved on to Local Colour, an arts and crafts store on the main road through town.

What a treasure trove! The store itself was chock-a-block with crafts made by local artisans, but the best bit was the art garden out back.

Here we are in the middle of it all.

The art was tucked in amongst lush flowers and veggies. I love the cheeky mask in the middle of this picture.

There was an abundance of the most unusual black cherry tomatoes - several plants that were about as tall as us! The Asiatic lilies were in full bloom too, and just as tall.

While we weren't in town for long, we packed a lot in, and I wasn't done yet.

On my way back to my car, I happened to notice that the Arts on Ten gallery was open, so I ducked in to see what was on display. I hadn't visited since the before-times (pre-pandemic).

Lots of new stuff was on display, and while I didn't take any shots inside, the outdoor art garden was amazing, so I had to capture some of the quirky works.

So that's it. Another fun couple of hours spent at a local community that's brimming with artistic talent. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin, who somehow makes himself look regal in spite of being way too big for the top of the cat tower.


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