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Floral fun at the farmette

It's a gorgeously sunny, though chilly day at the farmette. It dipped below zero last night and still at -1C.

Meanwhile, the pandemic drags on. It's actually been worse - if that's possible - over the past week, and in Ontario we're now dealing with a stay-at-home order again. The flip-flopping of Ford is truly unnerving and a shortage of vaccine doses has everyone on edge. Sooooo, I decided that, today, I'm not in a mood to do a lot of writing. Instead, I went around in the crisp early morning light and took a bunch of pics around the property. Here we go:

The hyacinths are almost past their prime - but are still pumping out amazing perfume. I planted them years ago right beside the back steps.

The dwarf daffs are pretty cute. Here, they are kind of enveloped by tulip leaves.

The forsythia has been out for a couple of weeks, and the way they catch the sunlight emanating from the east is transformative, doncha think?

Even the moss is bursting out. This is an EXTREME closeup of our rock garden on the east side of the property...just south of the forsythia.

Then, there are the plants that are just emerging - like my strawberries, which were looking pretty peaked a couple of weeks ago. But they're perking up, now that I've cleaned them and provided some yummy composted sheep manure.

Our lovely crabapples' leaves are just emerging. Can't wait to see the beautiful pink blossoms in a few weeks.

Finally, the really early signs of things to come include the lily of the valley spears that grow right into the base of our big maple beside the house.

The hosta shoots (below right) will turn into big beautiful green leafy shade plants.

And the peonies are coming, too. I've already put the cages around them so the brassy, blowsy big pink blossoms will stay upright and spread their wonderful scent all over the farmette.

Okay. I wrote more than I thought I would, but I guess that's a danger since I'm a writer and I'm trying to stay friggin sane through a rotten pandemic.

At least I have my farmette, my Rob, my kitties and my plants to sustain me. Hoping everyone else is hanging in there, too. Until next week.


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