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Night out from the farmette

It's a cold, but sunny day at the farmette. Last week, we were plunged back into winter after what we thought was the beginning of spring. HA! It's Ontario. No way is it spring in mid-March.

We had a lovely evening out yesterday. Dinner at the Dam Pub followed by a concert at Meaford Hall.

We went with the Thorntons, and while Meaford is a good hour away from the farmette, every once in a while, it's soooo worth it. Like last night.

On the crisp, clear drive up, Rob and I became tourists again, oohing and aaahing at the breathtaking views as we drove along the Beaver Valley Road, technically known as Grey County Road 13. The road winds and rises and falls exposing gorgeous undulating hills and valleys with the end point being Georgian Bay. As you crest an especially high hill, it suddenly spreads out before you like an ocean, because you can't actually see the other side. We hadn't been up in the area for a while, and it was great to appreciate it again.

The Traveling Milburys is a cover band for a super group from the late 1980s that comprised Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Bob Dylan. They put on a spectacular show, with not only hits from The Traveling Wilburys, like Handle with Care and End of the Line, but also favourites from each of the artists.

It ran more than two full hours with a short break in the middle, and it was heavenly. I especially like their version of Petty's Runnin' Down a Dream which became an ear worm all the way home and well into the night. While they were playing, videos were shown behind them that were really cleverly edited, with scenes from old movies and television shows depicting what was going on in the songs.

Meaford Hall is a bustling venue that has a full calendar of everything from ballet to documentaries to rock bands and everything in between. It also has a great gallery highlighting the talents of local artists.

While it's still cold outside, it was warm and welcoming in the hall last night. So fortunate to have access to great entertainment in our little part of the world. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Bea(trix Potter), who has decided that my recycling bin is just right for a mid-day nap.


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