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Plotting and planning at the farmette

It's a snowy day at the farmette. We just got about 1/2 inch over night and we're in for more. It won't last, I think.

I've been busy the past week working on plans for spring and summer. Here's my ultra-sophisticated veggie garden plan. I also did a 'need-it, got-it' sort through my seeds. Turns out I really don't need beets. Not sure why I got so many packets last year.

I love going through the Vesey's catalogue, even though I usually get the same varieties. It's fun to browse, but I believe that once you hit on a productive seed, you stick with it. So I ordered Dalvay peas, Goldfinger carrots and Razzmatazz sunflowers, among others. Can't wait to get out there and roll around in the dirt.

I also got the Stratford Festival catalogue. Looks like a cracker of a season. Sister Sandy suggested we could book a show or two and make sure we got good seats.

She's been a big fan of Twelfth Night ever since she studied it in high school - a good, ahem, 40+ years ago. So I got on the beam and secured two front-row balcony seats for the 2024 production. It's directed by Seana McKenna and set in the swinging sixties. The cover shot is of Jessica B. Hill, who is playing Viola.

We're going on May 31st, so may be able to take the Miata for the day. Yay!

We also talked about celebrating our respective birthdays again by going to the theatre. We're thinking of seeing The Diviners.

Both of us read the Margaret Laurence book decades ago, and we're going to try and re-read it before we see the Stratford interpretation in August. Can't wait for that either.

Stratford is such a gift. Besides the fantastic live theatre, there are wonderful restaurants and it's always a treat to stroll along the Avon river.

So that's it for this week. Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy planning for summer fun!

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Hobbes, who has now decided that wrapping himself around Rob's head at nap time is a great idea. Rob doesn't seem to mind.


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