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Red letter days

It's a snowy day at the farmette. We got two inches over night and it's still coming down this morning. Last week's column was about reflecting back. This one's going to be about moving forward.

I've decided that this year is the red year - because it's bright and cheery and makes me happy. Fingers and toes crossed, we're going to get out of this damn pandemic, and I've resolved to make 2022 the year I celebrate with red - my favourite colour.

It's always been a favourite - look at the colour of that coat (actually Rob bought it for me eons ago in Guelph). Seems sister Sandy's a fan, too.

I took a real shine to it when I owned a red Mini Cooper. It was a beauty with white stripes down both sides of the hood (the go-fast stripes) and a white roof. I bombed around Guelph and then Durham right up until 2015, when our mechanic unfortunately torched it during servicing. Poor Lynn - I thought he was going to cry when he came to the door to apologize. I was just happy he and his business didn't go up with the Mini.

Anyhow. To the point. We picked up our new vehicle last week. A RED Honda CRV. Except for a few more bells and whistles (heated steering wheel, remote hatch opening), it's nearly exactly the same as our previous one - a 2019 CRV that they SAID was lava rock red, but was really a yucky rust colour.

I drove it to Hanover yesterday. Nice, smooth ride. Warm hands. Gotta like it.

We also got really lucky with a brilliant red amaryllis that has produced two, count 'em TWO plants. One over Christmas that had five blossoms, and a second that has four. And we haven't watered it even once. It's one of those new-fangled jobs with a wax coating and a water reservoir inside. I picked it up at Heeman's

during our pre-Christmas road trip to London.

Speaking of flowers, I cannot wait until early spring, when my tiny red tulips put on their show. My poppies are always a complete pleasure, even though they don't last nearly long enough.

It's almost time to flip through the Vesey's catalogue to plot and plan for spring. I'm pretty sure there'll be more red in the beds this year.

I know this may seem frivolous, with the world losing it's mind between anti-vaxxers demonstrating in the streets, Russia sabre rattling at the Ukrainian border and the pandemic still filling up hospitals around the world. Some people see red and get angry. I just smile. Until next week.


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