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Report from the farmette

It's a cloudy day at the farmette. Started out sunny, but apparently we're in for more rain later in the day.

Couldn't think of a theme for today, so will just go through some of the events this week. Sister Sandy and I did some serious gardening on Monday over at Grey Gables in Markdale where we are cleaning up the beds for the folks that use the Day Away program. It's an opportunity for elderly seniors to visit with friends, listen to music, play cards and have a wee lunch while their caregivers get a day off.

We've been volunteering for a couple of years and the beds are finally starting to look decent. This week, we took extra hostas and ferns from our own beds and put them in a shady corner over there.

This picture is from Thursday, when we took some time to get pedicures at the Lilly Pad in Thornbury. I cashed in my Christmas gift certificate from her and then we enjoyed a lovely shared lunch at Winnifred's, which is just down the road from the spa. Hummous, naan bread, olives, falafel balls, veggie sticks, tzaziki and garlic aioli. Plus a nice glass of sauvignon blanc. YUM. Sandy's quip was that, 'there will be no more gardening', after we got our toes all tarted up. Riiiiiight. Like that's going to happen.

Friday, Rob and I travelled down to St. Thomas to attend our sister-in-law Arlene's celebration of life. And what a life she had.

She was a lovely person and very well loved by many, given the number of people who came to pay their respects.

She taught elementary school, and many of her pupils thought she was the best teacher they ever had. She was also an adventurer, travelling the world from Iceland to Peru and many points between. The theme running through tributes from her older sister, eldest son and best friend was that Arlene always went full steam into anything she tackled. That was also true of her heroic, seven-year fight with cancer.

I know that brother Dan is grieving now, but is also extremely grateful for the laughter, the tears and the wonderful relationship he had with her. Rest in peace Arlene.

We are off to the Orkneys (Scotland) on Wednesday, so no post next week. Will be back after.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of the orange boys. Hobbes is not especially impressed with Calvin's proximity. Calvin, per usual, doesn't really care.


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