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Spring has sprung at the farmette

It's a gorgeous day. Just at the freezing point now, but forecast to get to 15C this afternoon. Woohoo!

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and it, too, was a whopper. Today's wee post is about all the signs of warmer weather, the hope that it instils and how much more we should all appreciate the wee things, given COVID-19 and all.

Like putting the laundry on the line. I know I've gone - and on and on - about how fresh everything smells after a day in the fresh air. But I have to do it again. There's nothing quite like it - unless the neighbour's got the burn barrel going.

Luckily, that didn't happen yesterday, and it was especially pleasing since it was the first time - after a winter in which we were locked down on several occasions because of the pandemic.

The Canada geese are back. On my daily hike, I've seen several pairs. Over at the Greins, the same ones settle in near their pond every year. While there's still quite a bit of ice, it's lovely to see them return.

All the flowers are either budding or in full bloom. We've actually had snowdrops for a couple of weeks, and the crocuses just this week started showing their buttery beauty. We also have the very beginnings of the furry pussy willow flowers. To the left are the first little spears of daffodils peaking out from the bed in the corner of the property. Yay.

While there's still ice and snow piled on the east side of the farmette house, it's pretty much gone on the west side.

Another sure sign is spring cleaning. While it was still a bit nippy temperature-wise yesterday, we couldn't resist opening the windows and airing out the farmette house. Which meant I noticed certain little smudges decorating the lower panes made by the noses of felines whose names might be Beatrix, Calvin, Hobbes, Fred and Wilma.

Rob thinks it's cute - and I do too. But not cute enough to actually leave there! It's a good thing we bought the double-hung variety when we replaced most of the windows a couple of years ago. Makes the work go so much quicker, and I no longer have to hoik myself up a creaky ladder outside. I just use water and a couple of fancy cloths - no chemicals - and it seems to do a bang-up job.

I got the sun room, mud room and part of the living room done. Today's task is to complete the job and maybe go for an early tootle in the Miata, which is another sign that spring is well and truly here. Rob's got the insurance back on the rag-top and revved up the battery, so we're ready to road-trip on a moment's notice.

I'm so glad that, even though we have to tough it out with the safety protocols for another few weeks of this rotten pandemic, hopefully, we'll all be vaccinated and in for better days ahead. It's certainly easier to bear with spring in the air. Until next week.

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21 mar 2021

The cleaning instructions for my new straight-from-Ireland-Aran-knit-knee-length-shawl-collared- sweater-birthday-present, is to hang it out side for a full day. Fresh!!💋

Me gusta
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