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Taking note of the little things

It's a grey day in Grey County. We got a late-season whopper snowstorm yesterday that dumped five inches (13 cm) on the ground. We now have 15 inches (38 cm) in total. Really doesn't feel much like spring on the farmette today.

With the world on the precipice of WW3, and Putin determined to bomb eastern Europe back to the stone age, it's getting harder and harder to watch the news. I put up a cartoon by David Sipress on FB with a caption that summed it up for me - "My desire to be informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane."

We also just marked the second anniversary of the World Health Organization's declaration of the global COVID-19 pandemic. So blizzard, war, pestilence. Quite the trifecta.

What I've found through all the crap is that I'm appreciating the small things a whole lot more. So today, it's a salute to the little things we do or that happen that bring joy into life.

I was SOOOO happy to see the tulips arrive back in stores in late January/early February. They're expensive, and I know I'm fortunate to be able to afford them, but they do bring a LOT of happiness to this gardener. Every two weeks, I've bought a fresh batch. Here's the latest one.

Rob has started a little experiment with celery. He took the butt end of the last clump and stuck it in an old measuring cup with water. Sure enough, roots started to appear, and after a couple of weeks, he potted it out. Now we have celery growing in the west window.

It's great, because we only really use it in the chicken soups he makes from the carcasses of cornish hens that we devour occasionally for a Sunday dinner.

We had a serendipitous moment a couple of weeks ago during the last big blast snowstorm when Rob and I independently decided to wear our Christmas socks.

Friends Jane and Dana sent us a wee package

that contained these lovely foot warmers that are covered in kitties. That was fun, and I had to take a picture to show the folks on Vancouver Island.

I made lentil soup a few weeks ago, something I haven't ever done before. Don't know why. It was SCRUMPTIOUS. I made enough to freeze, so we had three good lunches out of the one cooking session. We added a tea biscuit or some crackers and lovely cheeses, and it made for some fantastic fare.

Finally, of course the kitties give us no end of joyful moments. They're also good at teaching - as Calvin is demonstrating here with his total relaxation pose. Notice how comfy he is on the chair I inherited from Grampa Heidt.

Here's hoping in the coming weeks, we can all take note of the little things, and take after Calvin - at least once in a while. Until next week.


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