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The cat came back

It's a rainy day at the farmette. Not too cold, but definitely sweater weather.

We had a bit of a wobble last week, when Wilma decided to do a runner.

Normally, we allow the boy felines (Fred, Calvin and Hobbes) outside for supervised romps around the yard. Rob goes out with them because the dangers are way too many - feral cats, coyotes and other sharp-toothed animals, plus the trucks that rumble past at speed on Douglas Street.

On Wednesday afternoon, as Calvin was coming in from his sojourn, Wilma bolted. We don't let her out because she's soooo skittish and is nearly impossible to get back indoors.

She's done it a couple of times before, but she deigned to trot back in after a couple of hours of coaxing. Not this time.

So Rob and I had a frantic 24 hours - calling for her all around the house, having a completely sleepless night and continuing the great search the next day. There was no sign of her because she was not ready to show herself. I had several ugly crying jags, and both of us went through a series of scenarios in which a) she had been eaten by the sharpies b) she packed up and buggered off with the ferals or c) she'd realize what a comfy life she had and would come swanning home.

There was even a poor kitty that had been hit on the street, so Rob gingerly checked it out - and, while we were sad about the loss, it wasn't Wilma (whew).

I realize others have much, much bigger problems, but for us, the little moustachioed tortie is pretty special, and we really were worried we would never see her again. Fortunately she opted for c). I heard her yowling at the sliding glass door around 5 p.m. on Thursday, and enticed her inside by shaking the food box.

What a relief! We kept sighing and looking at her like she was an alien. As you can see, she's all back to normal, stretched out on the top of the love seat in the front room of the farmette house.

We've learned our lesson, and will be sure to have the inner door closed when the boys go out to play next time. Probably not today, though - too wet.

Sometimes we have to get a bit of a scare to recognize how very fortunate we are. So glad things turned out the way they did. Until next week.


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