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Visiting the old stomping grounds

It's a snowy, wintery day at the farmette. We almost have as much accumulation as during the Christmas blizzard of 2022. A total of five and half inches overnight and a foot on the ground. Good thing we're not going anywhere today, and we got the essential groceries in yesterday.

On Friday, we managed to get down to Guelph for the first time since the end of last year. Had a lovely lunch and visit with our friend Pat and then did some shopping and ended off by donating unwanted cat food to the Humane Society.

Gotta love end of season sales (it's still January, mind, and a crapload more winter to come). I replaced my broken down winter hack-around jacket with a nice new red (of course) one. For about a quarter of the retail price. It's a tad large because stores only put the extra small and extra large on discount, but it's for every day chores and booting around the property, and it's really warm. So it'll do.

Anyhow, to the main part of the story. Rob and I decided that we would renew our cat cage sponsorship at the Humane Society. It feels good to provide the wee homeless ones a safe, warm place to kip until they choose their furever families.

Cricket is currently inhabiting 'our' cage. She's a bit shy, but a beauty, don't you think?

The new facilities are fantastic and a huge step up from the building on Wellington at which I used to volunteer. Lots of room and lots of specially built large cages with as much food, water and toys as they want. Plus the loving attention of (mostly) young women. Bonus.

Leona with the big fluffy bib was adopted and went home on Saturday. Always great to see the happy tails. One of the attendants told us that they regularly get two adoptions done a day. Pretty brisk. And pretty amazing.

They even have whole small rooms for the bigger cats and bonded pairs.

Phil (I think that's his name) looks like he really needs to relax more (NOT).

Anyhow, everyone at the Guelph Humane Society is working hard to keep all the unwanted, unloved animals (dogs, gerbils, guinea pigs, bunnies, snakes and the odd chicken as well as cats) healthy and happy until they can be re-homed.

The organization runs completely on donations, so it's a good feeling to help keep its important work going. Until next week. Gratuitous cat photo from the farmette courtesy of Fred, who decided that my lap was the place to be just as I was finishing the post. Until next week.

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