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Winter wonderland redux

It's a snowy Sunday in March in Grey County. We had a snowy Saturday, too. Four inches of new stuff and eight inches total on the ground. My optimism for spring is, ahem, somewhat dampened.

The world is still going crazy. Putin smilingly touring the devastation he wrought on Mariupol, Ukraine. Trump calling on his acolytes to rebel because he's ostensibly going to get arrested on Tuesday. Yikes.

On a more peaceful note, rather than rebel against a seemingly interminable winter, I have been embracing it. Might as well.

Last Wednesday afternoon was bright, sunny and not teeth shatteringly cold, and sister Sandy and I had already arranged for me to visit the ranch at Feversham. One of our friends from the Markdale Curling Club - Lori - also came along. This is she and Sandy on our hike through the maple bush.

Lori brought her dog Cedar, an English sheep dog cross, and all four dogs were in their glory as we made our way through the snow pack to the cabin where Sandy and Brian were going to be boiling down sap from the trees.

While the trees had been tapped, there wasn't enough to collect just yet. But we got a good look at the brand new evaporator which would be put to good use the very next day. Home made maple syrup. Can't get more Canadian than that.

Next up was a tour of the new barn, which is coming along nicely.

It truly is a pony palace, with white ash on the walls, comfy cushions under hooves and a shiny white ceiling.

Raven (left) and Trigger (right) approve, and they can't wait to be ensconced in the luxury of the barn, once it's complete.

As I look out the office window, the snow continues to come down. I hope things improve by Thursday, when we're heading out for our first plane trip in four years. Can't wait to visit with friends Jane and Dana on Vancouver Island.

Which means I'll need to skip next week's blog post. Will be back, though, for a first of April missive.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin, who can't resist the opportunity to drape himself on Rob's lap.


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