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A day away from the farmette

It's a rainy day at the farmette. Thank goodness. We so need it. My arms feel like they're going to fall off from hoiking the garden hose around all the beds.

The world is still a mess, with Russia pummelling the Ukraine, and climate change wreaking havoc with wildfires in Europe and western North America.

Here, we're doing better since our Hobbes is recuperating from a neurological event (aka stroke). He could hardly walk and his eyes were doing this squirrely back and forth motion. He also stopped eating - which was the scariest bit. Now, with meds, he's nearly back to normal. Whew.

I managed to get a day away with Sandy yesterday - over to the Flesherton Farmers Market, picked up lunch at the Bicycle Cafe and then did some vegetable harvesting.

I forgot to take pictures at the market, but did come home with a pretty good haul.

Sourdough bread from Spirit Walk Farm, two pairs of earrings and an original oil painting. The black and white earrings were made by a lady who must be in her eighties. She specializes in steam punk art, and also does brooches and frames, as well as sketches of people's pets. The other earrings have tiny forget-me-nots in the middle. Sandy got a pair of these, too. The painting was done by Barbara Pearn, who's an artist and local online newspaper publisher (South Grey News) in Eugenia.

Next stop was the Bicycle Cafe. We were first in line at 11 a.m. and Sandy bought not only for ourselves, but three hungry girls - daughter Erin and two of her friends.

There's an art installation about half a block from the restaurant. It's call the Make a Difference (MAD) wall. Sixteen big murals showing activists and their messages. Very cool. Here are a couple of them. Margaret Atwood with an image from her dystopian novel 'A Handmaid's Tale' and all kinds of birds for her love of the environment.

The one of Greta Thunberg really caught my eye. I love how the artist captured all of the elements affecting and being affected by climate change - bursting out of her head.

If you're ever in Flesherton, it's well worth checking out.

After a lunch and a quick nap with Sadie the spaniel and Marley the golden retriever, we set out for the raised beds.

We got quite the haul. After pulling all her garlic, we harvested peas, beans, carrots and beets. Sandy got husband Brian to make all the beds because she couldn't take the weeding when the garden was at ground level. Now, she has a whole bunch of them with tasty treats that she freezes, pickles and stores.

Sadie and Marley were quite helpful, eating the odd rogue pea pod that, ahem, escaped my hands.

It was a hot, hot day, so all of us were pretty exhausted when it ended. Tired but satisfied with what we had accomplished.

We're so grateful to live where we do, and are able to enjoy the fruits, vegetables and art of our own and our neighbours'


Until next week. Not-so-gratuitous dog photo this time. Sadie.


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