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Birthday week at the farmette

It's a sunny day, so far, in Grey County. The news is full of stories about how the Northwest Territories and central B.C. are going up in flames. The entire city of Yellowknife has been evacuated due to encroaching wildfires. How about that climate change?

But here at the farmette - far away from the havoc - life trundles on, and for this blogger, a big milestone was passed. I turned 60 last week, and I'm so grateful for the decades past, plus those to come!

On the actual day, I had an appointment to give blood over in Hanover, so I asked if I could get a photo done to celebrate. Of course, Jenn, the lovely phlebotomist thought it was a great idea and said yes.

I've been giving blood - and in my earlier years, platelets and plasma - for my whole adult life. I've even pitched in to get others to roll up their sleeves with my social media feeds.

It's a small but important bit that I'm proud to do for the community.

The next day, sister Sandy and I had arranged to take the Harris-Wilson-Wilson-Harris sports car to Blyth to go for a joint birthday lunch (her 58th is on the 23rd) and take in a matinee at the local theatre. The day was absolutely perfect for top-downing, and the trip was only going to take us about an hour.

The Mazda Miata looks in pretty darn good shape for being 33 years old. It's a manual, has very few moving parts and has never really given us any grief.

Rob swears it's the best car he's ever owned - and he's owned a LOT of cars over the decades.

We needed head gear to protect our noggins from burning and, for Sandy, to keep the whipping hair out of her eyes.

Lunch at the Cowbell Brewery restaurant was yummy, as usual. We even shared a birthday creme brûlée (my dessert of choice these days). But when we tried to take a selfie, we got so tangled up we almost collapsed laughing. We do that a lot. (Cue the eye-rolling from the youngsters.)

While the show was a bit disappointing, the day was still a winner, in my books. Sandy drove home and had so much fun she tried to keep the car. Typical. Anyhow, it's great to still be chugging along enjoying this wonderful life. I highly recommend taking time to celebrate, in whatever way you feel fits. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin, who at nearly five years old still has a thing for the laundry basket.


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