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Boating on Georgian Bay

It's a grey, coolish day in Grey County. It looks and feels like it might rain, but the forecast says not until tomorrow night.

It's a far cry from last Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday, when I got to ride the Thornton boat. Hot, hot, hot (like 30 C) and clear skies the whole time. Yippee!

This picture of me looking fairly happy was taken by sister Sandy on our morning trip out from Penatanguishene, where the Indulgence is moored, to Beausoleil Island. It's about an hour and a bit journey through some spectacular scenery. Brian - Sandy's husband - is captain of the ship and a steady hand on the tiller after more than 40 years' experience of boating on the bay.

Wana Keta was our destination, and it has a small, lovely beach adjacent to several slips for visiting boats.

Here's Sandy posing in front the sign that's anchored into rock. Lots and lots of rocks and trees and a bit of sand on the beach made for a sumptuous backdrop to our visit.

While I spent the bulk of my time lolling on the beach and reading my latest book - Neil Gaiman's "View from the Cheap Seats" (a fantastic read, by the way) - I did manage to get in a little hike through one of the very well-defined trails on the island. Plus a few trips to one of the most sturdily constructed outhouses I've ever been in.

Sandy's a seasoned boater and knows how to plan out a tasty menu. So we enjoyed fantastic home made meals including a steak and roasted veggies cooked on the barbecue that's attached to the stern.

Sunrise on Tuesday over the bay was spectacular and we managed to get in a trip around some of the other islands - with a stop in Honey Harbour - in the dinghy before setting off back home.


All in all, it was a grand trip in which we got to catch up on each others lives, take several dips into the cooling waters of the bay and enjoy the great outdoors in one of our most treasured natural wonders - full of rocks and trees and water. I don't think I've ever felt more Canadian. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Wilma and Hobbes. She looooves to snuggle up with him on the rattan chair. He tolerates her.


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