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Calvin's anniversary

It's a miserable day at the farmette. A skiff of snow on the roofs of the garage and the car. Slush coming from an iron-grey sky.

The pandemic grinds on, although lots of Canadians have rolled up their sleeves and got the jabs. Rob and I got our flu shots, as well, so we're set for a while.

Yesterday we took our two orange furballs to the veterinarian in Hanover for their annual check-up. Happy to report that, aside from a wee swelling we have to watch on Hobbes' right rear lymph node, everything looks rosy health-wise.

They were both very good - though a bit nervous, and released tons of orange fur onto my oh-so-welcoming black winter coat. That's okay. That's why clothes brushes were invented.

Anyway, this week marks three years since we brought Calvin home. The picture above is him the day we transported him from the Guelph Pet Smart store, where they put Humane Society shelter kitties that are ready for adoption in front of their patrons.

He took to us like a duck to water. Right away, he was purring and snuggling and jumping up on my lap.

Over the years, our easy-going guy has been a real entertainer.

Calvin used to have a real affinity for freshly laundered clothes, especially when they were still warm from the dryer.

He would bury himself deep, and then peek out as if to say, thanks for the lovely bed!

Like all cats, he also loves boxes and bags - specifically climbing inside them to see what might be lurking in the shadows.

He's an athletic guy with a foot-long, extremely expressive tail. He's also adventurous when he goes for supervised visits in the farmette yard.

Calvin's favourite activities are hunting for and catching garter snakes, and leaping up on the fence - which gives me the willies because I think he'll take off after one of the many feral cats that live next door. So far, he hasn't.

While he eats food like he'll never get another meal, and gets on Bea's nerves when he's excited (he pounces, she growls), he's a pretty good boy, all in all. Hobbes loves him. And we're glad he chose us back in 2018. Until next week.


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