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Celebrating life at the farmette

It's a dreich day at the farmette. That's Scottish for cold, wet and miserable. Our relatives are currently travelling through Scotland and they're getting sunny, warm weather. Go figure. It's been quite the week of socializing to celebrate life.

We went to Pat's memorial in Guelph on Friday. It was lovely, with lots of pictures of her laughing and smiling while attending family gatherings and work events.

Her nephew Wes put together a wonderful range of photos from smudgy black and white photos of Pat as a wee one to sharp photos of her in her 1960s va-voom outfits and everything since then.

We all acknowledged that we would miss her deadly sense of humour and her wise words. Plus the save-the-world conversations and the best shortbread and mincemeat tarts in the country.

I caught up with a bunch of work colleagues. It's a sign of how much she was admired that about ten people who worked with her - including two from Toronto - came to pay their respects. Especially when you consider the communications branch was always pretty small.

At the other end of the spectrum, we went out for dinner at Marilynne's in Markdale to celebrate niece Erin's 26th birthday last night. Friends and family gathered to fete the wee lass. Sister Sandy and I ordered the special which was pickerel cooked to perfection on a bean stew that was kind of like a cassoulet. YUM.

Here she is on the left, with her bestie Jessica beside her. I got her a rug hooking kit as a new project for the girl who always needs a project.

Erin has been busy substitute teaching at her alma mater, Osprey Central School. It's a primary school, and she's loving both the staff and kids. She missed some of her own education while she was laid up healing from having a horse land on her, so she's going back to finish her teacher's courses in the fall.

She's a cracker - whip smart and full of energy. Much like Pat. Ahead of her is a wonderful life of love, laughter and making it through tough slogging. She's already shown her resilience and any kid who has her as a teacher will be incredibly lucky.

Naturally, we had to have some ham-it-up pictures, so here's Rob giving Sandy the Mother's Day tulip bouquet I put together from the farmette beds.

So grateful for friends and family, whether they're here or gone but never forgotten. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Nick and Nora, who are no longer with us, but still embedded in our hearts.


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