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Spring is springing...or not

It's a snowy day at the farmette. We got about a half-inch over night and it's still coming down. It's not supposed to last, though. Looking at above-seasonal temperatures all next week.

We had some excitement over the past week. Rob had cataract surgery on Monday.

This photo was taken right after the deed was done at a clinic in Kitchener. Which is why, given the trip is an hour and a half each way, he opted to get them both done at the same time.

While his sight is still a bit fuzzy, he's looking forward to not having to look through the milky film that he's had to put up with for the past few months. Medical science is amazing - he got his eyes fixed in one afternoon.

We've had to change up quite a few of our routines and the constant round of eye drops (three different kinds, four times a day) is a bit daunting. But, per usual, we'll get through it.

Today, we 'sprang forward' to daylight savings time. While the cats don't mind (they get fed an hour earlier), the humans have a way harder time adjusting. I wish we could just stick with standard time - it always takes me a few days to recalibrate. Oh well.

It's a sign of the times. Just like the pussy willows I saw blooming on my walk the other day.

Or the pair of geese - who we've named Ralph and Alice after the Honeymooners - who arrived on the farmette front lawn.

The meteorologists are saying that La Nina is on her way, with all the wacky weather that entails, along with the effects of climate change, so it seems like the coming spring and summer will be a bit of a wild ride.

That's okay. Like the cataract operation and daylight savings time, we tend to go with the flow here at the farmette, getting things done as they need to be done and hoping for the best. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Wilma, who isn't really a fan of the Brier but does like to keep an eye on the humans when it's close to feeding time.


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