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Drag Brunch in rural Ontario

It's a rainy day at the farmette. Definitely fall weather. I brought down all the sweaters and pants and traded them for the shorts and tanks.

Fiona has ripped through Atlantic Canada with an unprecedented path of destruction. Houses thrown into the ocean. Downed power lines and poles. Massive trees torn up with their roots showing skyward. Yikes.

Cleanup has just started today.

Last Sunday, sister Sandy, niece Erin and I treated ourselves to a wonderful brunch, complete with a drag queen show that left faces and tummies sore from laughing so much. It was at the Bonfire on Queen, a lovely little restaurant and store in Paisley, about an hour west and north of the farmette.

It was hosted by TroyBoy Parks. According to Jen Christie, the restaurant owner, TroyBoy Entertainment has 70 performers across Ontario who work the shows in towns as small as Paisley (pop. about 1,000) to Barrie, Milton, St. Catharines, Guelph, London and just about every other town in the province.

They do night time burlesque shows, drag bingo and drag brunches, like the one we went to. Only $35 a person, but they also really rely on great tips. Which we generously provided during the show.

What a day! The food was good and plentiful and the ladies were gorgeous, talented and sassy. The costumes were stunning and the footwear sky high. I said to Rob that it was like Priscilla Queen of the Desert (one of my most favourite movies) came to town.

Here are the highlights.

Thee_eras started things off with her electric blue outfit and long flowing mane.

Violet Seductions followed up, and got a lot of five dollar tips from the fully-packed room.

Then, Sapphyre Poison strutted her stuff in a gorgeous feathered number.

She came right over to our table, so Sandy stood up, and I took multiple photos of the two ladies vamping for the camera.

Queen Victoria Parks was resplendent in her leopard skin attire.

I can't remember all the songs that they lip-synched, but they were fun and LOUD. I can't believe they danced the way they did in those incredible stilettoed shoes and boots.

I HAVE to get the fan that TroyBoy was using to keep cool - it was really warm with all the ladies and gents heating up the restaurant. It says Not Today SATAN.

The ladies were wonderful and gracious and stayed in costume afterwards so everyone could get photos with them. Here's the one I got with Erin surrounded by the girls.

Serious fun for nearly three hours. Highly recommend going, if you're looking for a good time. They're still touring.

Gratuitous cat photo is courtesy of Calvin, who really needs to learn how to relax. I'll be in Stratford next week, for our much-delayed girls' weekend, so no post. I'll be back the week after. Cheers.

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