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Family and friends gather through the years

It's a grey day at the farmette and they're calling for more rain. It's finally feeling like spring, though, after a month of cold, wet weather.

A few weeks ago, we had a family gathering for Easter at sister Sandy's house. I was looking at the photo, and thinking about how many of these we have, and how they are important ways to document the passing of time.

So, here are a few from memory lane. First off is from 2023. About 20 people from both the Harris and the Thornton sides of the family got together for a fantastic meal, a fun scavenger/egg hunt and lots of laughing and chatting.

We've had a few corkers here at the farmette, too. They have to be outdoors, because the wee house can only accommodate so many people.

This one was to celebrate sister Sandy's 50th birthday in 2015.

I had a fantastic crop of sunflowers that year, making a perfect backdrop for the requisite group photo. The birthday girl is almost unrecognizable with her straw hat and big sweater. I think everyone had a good time. Looks like it anyway.

Here's one from way back in 2007, when mom and dad were still around.

This was a reunion for most of the Harris clan at the local park in Dutton, where our parents lived at the time. Four out of the five siblings, plus most of their children. Young Erin looks like she didn't want to co-operate that day. Can't believe she's turning 25 today.

Sometimes friends are family, and when Rob and I used to go to Jane and Dana's cottage in Sturgeon Point every summer, it always felt like a welcome reunion. This is a loooong time ago, given how svelte I was - maybe 2006? Dear friend Terry - in the middle - has since died, and we still miss his great smile. Dana's on the far left, then Jane, I'm beside Terry and Terry's wife Claire is on the right. Rob's the photographer.

Anyhow. We're off to yet another family dinner today. This time, we're celebrating Erin's quarter century. So proud of her. She'll be a terrific school teacher because she still has that spark from when she was little.

Until next week. Gratuitous cat photo is from 2019 courtesy of Hobbes and Calvin, when he was still a kitten. Hobbes has always been accommodating with all the kitties.


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