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Fixing at the farmette

It's a sunny day at the farmette. Supposed to get close to 20C, which is a far cry from the SNOW we got on Friday, and the killing frost we got that night.

The pandemic continues to rip through the country, although we're slowly getting it wrestled via vaccinations, and things are SLOWLY opening back up. My nieces got their first shots yesterday, and we're planning a small, outdoor, socially-distanced, careful get-together on June 12th. Yay.

Today, since we had a confluence of a few hiccups at the farmette, I thought I'd write about dealing with the small setbacks that seem much larger in pandemic times.

One of our favourite coffee cups lost its handle when it slipped out of Rob's hand a couple of weeks ago. It was hand made and we bought a pair of them from a lovely shop in Paisley when we first moved up here.

Luckily, it was a clean break and totally repairable - except the Krazy glue we had was an unusable piece of goo and we kept forgetting to pick up a new one. So the mug sat pathetically on the counter with its handle sitting there waiting to be re-joined. For days.

Anyhow, on his latest trip to the grocery store, Rob got the glue and yesterday did the repair work. Look. Good as new.

Yesterday, we woke to a frozen wasteland at the farmette. We had tried to put plastic over the tomato plants on Friday, but the wind was so fierce it wouldn't stay on. My heart sank when I saw the blackened bits that used to be my lovely Romas and pepper plants. I was also afraid that, due to the pandemic, we wouldn't be able to find replacements.

Sure enough, the local Co-op didn't have Romas - which really are the best for making sauce - but I lucked into finding Mount Forest Greenhouses - a place I didn't know existed. And it's only 20 minutes south of the farmette.

I put my order in early yesterday on Facebook, and they had it at the till when they opened at 9 a.m. That's service.

Of course, while I was there, the dazzling display of the dahlias was irresistible - so many gorgeous colours - and I just had to pick up some snapdragons and coleus to fill in the blanks in my beds. So, per usual, I came home with two trays of goodies.

I resisted the urge to put them in the ground, given that the frost warning carried over to last night, and I really didn't want to have to replant again. So everything is now tucked up in the tool shed.

Finally, as I was putting the laundry on the clothes line yesterday for a brisk drying and airing, the rope on my pulley gave out. Cripes.

Rob remembered we had some sturdy rope hanging about in the garage, so I was back in business - without having to buy anything - in nearly no time. Yay Rob!

I realize these wee setbacks are pretty milquetoast in comparison to many, many other huge problems people are currently experiencing. They were all fixable for one thing. They just seem magnified during lockdown in a pandemic. Especially the tomato incident. I was beside myself. Really upset.

So glad we have local folks who are right there, ready to help out - and provide a few extras as well. I'm hoping all the friends' and families' problems stay small and solvable. Here's a gratuitous picture of an especially lovely corner of the farmette yard. Until next week.


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