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Fun and games away from the farmette

It's a grey day in Grey County. Yesterday was spectacular with sunshine all day long. We're to get some snow today...but not a storm as in the past couple of weekends.

My week was unusually spectacular too. Sister Sandy got tickets to see the Brier in London on Thursday, and the seats she picked were perfect! Right up close and personal to the action.

Sandy and I have been curling all winter in Markdale. It's equidistant from each of our houses and it gives us a chance to catch up in person every Monday morning. So we know a bit about the game - although we're far, far from having the skill and finesse of Canada's best male curlers. But we have fun, and it was instructive to watch the pros.

The Budweiser Centre, where the action happened is a great venue, right in the heart of the city. It's also home to the London Knights, the Junior A hockey team.

Apparently, there was a big controversy over where it would be built, with some saying it should have been out in the boonies by Highway 401. I think they made the right choice by putting it where local restaurants and pubs can take advantage of the business it draws. There are LOTS of restaurants all around the area.

Tim Horton's sponsors the tournament, and they had a van parked at the front door dispensing free cups of coffee to all the visitors. Bonus when the first draw was at 9 a.m.

This was how close we got to the action. Third row up and hard by the entrance where the curlers came in and went out. Sweet. Recognize the skip?

We went to all three draws at 9, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. In between, we partook of some of those lovely restaurants. About the only thing I miss about living in a city is the variety of food you can gorge yourself on. On Thursday night, we all shared a huge variety of the best sushi any of us had ever eaten. YUM.

After dinner, and during the night draw, Sandy was treated to some major teasing by the mascot Slider. He came roaring up out of the entrance and jumped right in front of us. Sandy startled and that gave Slider a reason to mug for the audience. He even absconded with her iPhone and snapped off about a dozen photos in rapid succession. Including this one.

What fun we had! So great to spend time with two of my favourite women. That gorgeous blond on the left is our niece Melissa, and Sandy's in the middle sporting her new Brier jacket. Don't know who the one on the right is...hahahahaha.

So that's it for this week. Pretty spectacular, thanks to Sandy, who's an amazing organizer. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Fred, who needs to be 'tapped' in the laundry room on a regular basis.


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