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Garden extravaganza

It's a sunny warm day at the farmette. Everything is exploding with new growth. Hard to believe that a mere month ago we were freezing our butts off.

I thought I'd do a walk through of some of the amazing things that are happening on the property.

Penhaligon the penguin just about disappears among the forget-me-nots, hostas and allium. Later, the stella d'oro lilies will come out and last most of the rest of the summer.

The trilliums on the western border under a ginormous maple tree are iron-man plants. They've continued their blooms for a good three or four weeks now. I think they are volunteers - I didn't plant them, anyway.

Just a few steps further along the west side perimeter, the lilacs are pumping out their gorgeous scent.

I think Hagar - the extra large tree stump we left when her limbs got a bit dodgily dangerous - is pretty happy with her neighbours.

She has turned into quite the wildlife condo with squirrrels, birds, and all sorts of insects inhabiting her statuesque body.

In the southeast corner, under the majestic (although messy in the fall with all the bloody nuts) black walnut trees is my fern/Solomon's Seal bed. The ostrich ferns are a gift from my late friend Pat. Every time I look at them, I think of her.

I love the Solomon's Seal with its delicate white bells. This group came from a pokey single I bought a few years ago for a buck at the Horticultural Society sale. Great investment, I'd say.

The lily of the valley is trying to out scent the lilacs and it's pretty heady walking through the side yard these days.

They're so invasive they're actually climbing up the maple that drapes over our deck.

Finally, the crabapples that we bought as wee sticks five or so years ago are now taller than me and pumping out gorgeous blooms just now.

Gotta love this time of year. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of the two orange boys. Calvin and Hobbes lolling in the loft.


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