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Getting ready for Christmas

It's a snowy day at the farmette. The white stuff is coming down like icing sugar. No wind, so it's kind of nice, actually.

We've really revved up the Christmas preparations over the past week.

I took a picture of sister Sandy at our side door last Sunday because she was all dolled up in a new skirt that she got from her daughter Erin's boyfriend Nick's mom - who is a fashion designer in Toronto. Nice, eh? She picked up the hat on one of our other shopping adventures. She said it made her look like Vera Stanhope, the policewoman who solves murder mysteries in the wilds of Northumberland, England. I told her she's much classier and quite a bit less plump. But just as smart.

She and I were on our way to our local Durham craft and trade show.. It was great. Vendors selling all kinds of potential presents, including sheets, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, soaps and socks. There was a lady selling pillows made from Scottish tartans and Sandy scooped the white and red ones for her living room.

Yesterday, I went over to visit with the Thorntons. We met up in Eugenia to pick up some prezzies at Garage 13, a new place that sells all manner of cool, locally sourced items.

Then, we went to Barkhouse, a pet store whose owner is very friendly and helpful. Marley (the golden retriever) and Sadie (the springer spaniel) were with us because they needed to be fitted for their traditional Christmas sweaters. Don't they look fetching?

The Thorntons are ahead of us in the decorating department, and already have their massive tree up and trimmed.

Their taste in tree decorations, like ours, runs to eclectic and sentimental, as you can see by the baubles that grace this year's version.

The one on the right was made when Maya was a pup in 2009. She was a sweetheart of a golden who went to her permanent rest in 2019.

Anyway, Rob and I did manage to get a wee Scotch pine from the Co-op on Friday. It's up, but needs decorating. Which is today's task, and we should probably get to it shortly.

Hoping all the friends and family are staying safe and having lots of fun gearing up to the big day, as well. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of the orange boys, Calvin (left) and Hobbes (right), earlier in the fall.

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Dec 11, 2022

Hoping the cats are kind to your tree and its decorations.

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