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Grey County Colour

It's a cold, wet day at the farmette. We've just come from another week of Russian missiles strafing Ukrainian civilian targets. Which only made the locals more determined to resist. Good. I hope the west continues to amp up the help to put down this Russian aggression.

Anyhow. Back to the calmer life of the farmette. My friend Jane is up from Toronto this weekend to see the fall colours of Grey County. And, even with the occasional cloud burst, the county did not disappoint.

The first stop was at the Thorntons, who live just off the famous (for Ontarians, anyway) Beaver Valley Road aka County Road 13.

This stretch is known far and wide for the amazing views of the reds, golds, oranges, bronzes and yellows of the maples that put on their incredible autumn display.

Somebody (me) forgot some things (my Birkenstocks and a bunch of folding chairs) after the Thanksgiving feast. So, we combined the pickup with a wee visit.

It so happened that the egg collecting hadn't begun for the day, so Jane and I went with Sandy to help with the duties. All the girls are laying every day, and yesterday, we got eight out of 10 of the lovely nuggets.

Their brown chickens produce brown eggs and the white ones produce eggs that are this lovely shade of blue. So lovely that Jane is taking a shell home to match with paint for her bedroom!

Once we had retrieved the forgotten items, we were on the road again, to Thornbury and lunch at The Corner Cafe and Grill.

While we were the first of the lunch crowd, it filled up quickly and by the time we finished - Jane with her French onion soup and Rob and I splitting calamari and stuffed mushrooms - the place was pretty full.

On the way home, we stopped at the look-off that was constructed for people to get a good view. Except there wasn't really any way to see the valley properly with all the trees that had grown up around the parking spot. So, instead, I took this picture of the trees IN the lot. The orange one was almost vibrating with colour.

Here's Jane making her way back to the Honda with the backdrop of the road and the kind of views we took in all along our sojourn.

While the temperature wasn't ideal and the storm clouds kept dumping chilly rain on us, it was a lovely day - looking out from the warmth of our cutie utie.

We really are blessed to live in a place that puts on such spectacular show every year. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Beatrix, the eldest at 14, who is usually lumping under the coverlet of our bed at this time, but instead is complaining to management about not getting enough pets. Gotta go.


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