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Merry frickin' Christmas

It's a winter wonderland after two solid days of blizzard. While hundreds of people were getting stranded in planes, trains and automobiles all across Ontario, the farmette family was tucked up nice and warm in the 150+ year old house.

The wind has finally stopped blowing. I couldn't believe how hard and sustained it was. It's a wonder some of our older trees didn't come crashing down (they didn't - phew).

Thankfully, Rob and I did a big shopping on Wednesday last week. Seemed like everyone had the same idea. Hanover was nuts, but Rob had the presence of mind to order our groceries online.

We were supposed to be at the Thorntons yesterday to celebrate Christmas Eve. But that didn't happen due to storm and the horrible road conditions. It was so bad the weather people came up with a new name - bomb cyclone storm. Really? If we get a three-day blow will it be called the atomic bomb cyclone with a half-twist storm?

Anyhow. Now comes the fun of digging out. I actually braved the elements yesterday afternoon because I thought we wouldn't be able to get out the back door. It's pretty much filled back in this morning. Can't complain about not having a white Christmas, that's for sure.

We wouldn't have ventured out even if the weather was nice, given that I have been feeling like shite - coughing like a harp seal and nose dripping like Niagara Falls. Sister Sandy suggested I do a rapid test for COVID, and I demurred because it just felt like a rotten cold. Well, guess what? I did take it and it came out POSITIVE. Sandy tried to put a nice spin on it by texting back that I'm now part of the majority. Not something I actually aspired to. Fortunately both of us are fully vaccinated for both COVID and flu.

Anyhow. Now, I'll just have to isolate, shovel snow, feed birds and cuddle cats and Rob for the next week or so. Not a terrible fate, I gotta say.

Here's hoping all the friends and family are safe and warm in their households, as well. Merry Christmas everyone!

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Fred, who enjoys kitty television from the west window because there are lots of juncos, mourning doves and chickadees on the 24/7 channel.


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