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Plant bonanza at the farmette

It's the Victoria Day weekend, and traditionally the time when we - and many, many others - go full-on into planting season.

Yesterday started out cold, wet and gloomy and it stayed pretty cold all day, but that did not detract the intrepid plant buyers from their appointed task.

Sister Sandy and I went a little nuts at the Mount Forest Greenhouses. It was sooooo much fun.

I got all my container plants as well as some extras to put into the holes in my beds around the house.

Sandy got a good selection of plants for her pots as well as a lovely hydrangea.

I have a small cutting garden beside the garage that we made out of what used to be a mound of fill that we picked away at for about five years. We now call it the Grandma's grave bed because that's kind of what it resembles. I put a few perennials in it - lupines and columbines. But I also add in annuals. This year I've decided to do cosmos and zinnias. My glad bulbs and dahlia corms go in that bed.

In the past few days, I've also planted my sunflower seeds in the big veg garden - American giants that are supposed to get up to 16 feet tall! I also put in my radishes, green onions and three rows of beets in the smaller veg garden for pickling.

I've avoided planting any above-ground stuff (peppers, tomatoes) until now because we actually got a really hard frost on Wednesday that killed half my ferns! I've gotten scorched a few times with late frosts, and don't really want to repeat the experience.

But back to the point - the greenhouses are currently full to bursting with inventory. It's a cornucopia of blooms and grasses and trailers and hangers, oh my. It's almost overwhelming, which is why I was glad I brought a list. I've found that, yes, indeed, I can overdo it when the planting fever is on me. Surprise, surprise.

Anyhow. The new plants are calling. It's a beautiful day, and it's supposed to be a gorgeous week. I'll be happily rolling around in the dirt for the duration. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Wilma, who, for once, co-operated. She's usually too busy to pose.


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