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Reminiscing Christmas

It's a foggy, mild day at the farmette and most of the snow that we had is melted, so it looks like a green Christmas.

We're heading over to the Thorntons for Christmas Eve-ternoon, as Sandy calls it. Having Beef Wellington - which I've never tried before, so should be a treat.

I was thinking about Christmases past, and thought I'd do a little jaunt down memory lane for this post.

Sister Sandy has always been the hostest with the mostest, and we had a particularly good one a few years ago. Sister Barb came with with her whole family as did brother Dan and Arlene.

When the Thorntons lived in Erin, we actually had a good chunk of the white stuff on the ground - enough to do some "luging" down the driveway. That's when Rachel and Erin were still pretty young, and we had an absolute riot that day.

Here's a classic photo of Sandy and I, which we affectionately call the 'Bob and Doug' (Mackenzie) look.

This was Mom's last Christmas, which we celebrated in 2008 at Dan and Arlene's in St. Thomas.

She knew the end was near, and she spent some quality time telling us all how much she loved us. She was gone in January.

That's a treasured memory.

Of course, I have to highlight some of the knitting projects I did over the years for the 'girls'.

Can't remember the year - maybe 2017 or 18? Anyway, they all got toques. Last year, it was afghans, and this year, it's a mix of knitting. Which I JUST finished last night. Whew.

Reaching WAY back, this is from when Sandy and I were wee ones living in the bungalow at Frome. Not sure what was going on off-camera, but it seems to have taken my attention, while my much more photogenic little sister peers straight down the lens. Gotta love the old television sets and the curtains from those days. Must have been 1966? Sandy's barely a toddler.

Anyhow, enough reflection. Gotta get some action going since we're due over in Feversham later and I have some preparations to make in the mean time.

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope everyone has a happy, safe and peaceful 2024. Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin, who was exhausted after 'helping' with the wrapping.


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