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Thankful at the farmette

It's a grey, cool day at the farmette. We're getting ready to go to the Thorntons for a massive Thanksgiving celebration. It'll be great to be with friends and family.

I thought I'd do a little photographic homage to the people and places for which I'm grateful.

Right now, the maples around the property are stunning in their fall colours. I love this - before their gorgeous leaves turn into chores on the ground, it's nice to sit and enjoy. So I'm grateful for our farmette.

Last weekend, we finally got to do our girls' trip to Stratford. It was a blast. Unfortunately, Leanne, who usually is part of the party, couldn't come because of the damn COVID. She worked in a hospital right up until she retired earlier this year without a single infection. Then got it in early October. CRRRAAAPPP. Sandy's going to have her up in November for a wreath-making workshop and lovely lunch instead.

Anyhow. We did have a great time. Dinner on Saturday was at the Braai House restaurant. Deeeeelicious. I had peanut encrusted halibut with rice and veggies. Melt in you mouth. Seriously. Look at these lovelies posing for the camera. Sandy, Karen and myself. Thankful for the company of fantastic, smart and funny ladies.

We went to the matinee performance of Chicago on a windy and actually cold Sunday. Amazing amount of energy and athleticism on the part of all the cast.

Can't believe that they can sing while kicking their feet up over their heads!

Karen, who took up photography over the course of the pandemic, got this gorgeous panoramic shot just before the start of the show. Love that we can see professional live theatre just an hour and a bit away from the farmette.

Thankful for this guy, who puts up with me every, single day.

He's usually up for almost anything - including having long discussions about politics and how we could fix things, tootles in the Miata, raking massive quantities of leaves, cleaning up litters for our too-many cats and more. We still enjoy each other's company after 30+ years.

I have a lot to be thankful for, and I hope all the friends and family have a terrific holiday. I'd better go and get ready for our festivities.

Here's this week's gratuitous cute cat photo, courtesy of Fred, who sporadically takes up residence in my office. Not much help when he sleeps most of the time. But I don't mind. He's pretty cute.


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