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Thanksgiving at Lady Bank Maples

It's a cold and rainy day at the farmette. We're into the single digits and it looks like fall is well and truly entrenched.

Last Sunday, we had the big family gathering at the Thorntons in Feversham for Thanksgiving, and it was terrific.

Niece Erin is healing nicely after her horrific accident a few weeks ago. Here's her sister Rachel and I mugging for Rob's camera.

She's still on crutches, but she has her grandfather's scooter that had been stored in our barn since he passed several years ago.

She's named it Charlene for no apparent reason other than she likes it.

Now, she can bomb around the property with Marley at a breakneck pace (okay, at a sedate, safe pace).

The gathering was huge, as was the prime rib that fed us.

It was a mixture of both the Thornton and Harris sides of the family, so Sandy and Brian's house was packed, although the entire fam jam numbers many, many more. Here we all are chowing down that delicious prime rib, roast potatoes, squash and all the fixings. Yum.

Everyone pitched in with food, and we had a great time visiting. It reminded me of the old days when my aunts and uncles - along with cousins by the dozens - on my mom's side would gather at a massively long table at our place or Uncle Ralph's farm for Thanksgiving. There were many more bald heads in those days, given the Heidt propensity to be follicularly challenged.

Although it rained most of the day this year, the spirits were up and people were generally happy to be together.

Even the dogs -Callie, Marley and Sadie - got treats at the celebration.

Family is soooo important. They can drive us crazy sometimes, but they generally lift us up. I can't imagine life without these folks. Until next week.

Gratuitous cat photo courtesy of Calvin, who also drives us crazy, but we love him and he doesn't know how to take a bad photo.

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15 oct 2023

Hello, little cousin! We missed a visit on our way to Ottawa. I did have a long chat with Dan and I stay in touch with ‘cracky bird’ in Prince George. We had a nice visit with Joan, Cyril and Aunt Millie in Dutton. Our daughter and family live in Ottawa. I was there when Auntie Audrey had a big birthday party years ago but the drive west in November seemed unwise at the time. I loved your folks and kept in touch with your dad (and mom) over the years. I loved it when the three sisters got together. Your mom would call my mom ‘Geeoorge’. They would play like little girls — a little like you and Sandy…

Me gusta
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